Dive into what we can do for you.

Innovative IT Solutions works with numerous companies and products to provide the best technical and business advancement for you. Here is just a small portion of who we work with. 


Eset is in the top 10 for Antivirus software, choosing only the best for our clientele. We partner with Eset to bring you the best protection from malware, trojan horses, spyware and more; so you can feel safe when you and your employees are working. 


Datto is a backdoor management agent we use to keep track of your hardware and software. It allows us to set up specific alarms to alert us when components begin to fail. Datto also allows us to remote into your devices (with your permission) to fix problems before they spiral out of control. This product is used with our managed services.


Zoho is another management agent we use, and often recommend to our clients. It offers organizational options beyond many other programs. With a Zoho account, your options are endless. 


We don't discriminate. With expertise in multiple platforms, we find it necessary to let you know that Apple is one of them. Many of our clients prefer apple for their upstanding graphics and abilities to run editorial programs smoother than Microsoft can. We take that into consideration quoting for hardware. 


With Microsoft being one of the leading industries in Technology, it's no doubt that we work with their product. In what ever industry you prefer, we are well
versed and ready to take on what you need.


We are excited to announce a *NEW* partnership with the best Ransomware Detection program in the industry. CryptoStopper uses Layered Security which is  "the practice of using multiple defense layers to slow down and prevent potential security breaches."