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With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, we can build the best solution for your business.

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Our approach 

Innovative IT Solutions takes business to a whole new level, helping to implement processes that assist in production. We've done everything from; installing new computer systems, to programming applications that can automate your processes. 

Our Standards

Our standards start with our motto "We talk business, not tech".

We believe in finding the best solutions for growing your business. To do that we use our extensive knowledge in technology and resource management.

Personalized Managed Services

Innovative IT Solutions provides a full management service of your technology. We monitor your devices daily, down to the very last detail. Then we take the knowledge we have of your devices to assure you if they are properly running. 

Process Efficiencies

We choose a hands on approach with this. By watching how you run your business currently, we can make constructive suggestions that will help automate and ease your processes.


Telephone and Internet Services

We work with the provider of your choice, in order to make switching, or setting up a new connection, go as smoothly as possible.

Video Surveillance

We strive to offer you the best quality surveillance, that is easy to manage. Watch your footage, record and rewind; all from the comfort of your own couch. Sleep peacefully knowing that your investments are being watched over.

We partner with many companies to bring you the best product and securities. 
​and many more...

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A little about us

“The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology.”

-Steve Jobs

To be innovative is also to be creative. We offer many services to cover a wide array of businesses, with an understanding that not all services are right for every client, we strive to find the best fit for you. 

We believe in an atmosphere where technology and consumer are able to work together smoothly and efficiently. Our technicians work with you to create an environment where you can work comfortably. We do this by using our experience and extensive knowledge, to set you up with the best possible solutions to any current or future problems you may have.

We provide:

·    Professional Services

·    Knowledgeable Staff

·    Quality Solutions